Without Increasing Your Employees, 
Your Ad Budget, or Your Hours at Work.
Make More Money, Build Your List Faster, and 
Spread Your Message Farther by 
Harnessing the Power of Affiliate Marketing.

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Here’s what you’ll discover in the Affiliate Marketing Masterclass...
The Prerequisite Course
Run Time: 58Min 16 Sec
The Amplifier Effect: How affiliate marketing can bring you more sales in record time.
Why it beats paid advertising models.
The 3 R's of Affiliate Marketing Success
3 ways to make money using affiliate marketing.
Which one is best for you? We break it down.
The most common industry lingo deconstructed and decoded!
The metrics affiliates care about most, and easy formulas for getting the math right.
The Main Course
Run Time: 3Hrs 22Min 18 Sec
How to Make Your Offer Irresistible to Affiliates
The two “make it or break it” factors in affiliate marketing – master these, and the rest is a cake-walk.
The differences between warm and cold traffic, and why it’s essential that you have both.
The key performance indicators that attract affiliates like a moth to a flame, and…
Which ones are under your control and which aren’t , and…
How to reduce the risk from the factors NOT under your control, and….
How to capitalize on the factors you DO control to skyrocket your sales.

Set Up Your Fast & Effective Affiliate Communication System
How to put your affiliate program on autopilot (putting money in your pocket faster).
Keep it fresh! (how to make sure you affiliate program doesn’t dry up like old bread).
The silent siphon that can suck money out of your affiliate program, and how to avoid it.

Money Talks; Flakey Walks
The 3 Golden Rules of paying affiliates – miss any one of these and you’ll kill your affiliate program overnight.
How giving away more money to your affiliates actually makes you more money.
The most critical relationship factor you must establish with your affiliates in order to keep them promoting your product for years to come.
How you can turn a dirty little industry secret into an opportunity for you.
Run Time: 3Hrs 38Min 22Sec
Finding Your Affiliate Sales Force
Why making your offer attractive isn’t enough to build an affiliate marketing empire.
Our Top 8 Super Sources for finding new affiliates.
How to get your current affiliates to bring you more affiliates (this can double or triple the size of your affiliate program within days).
How to find the right mastermind that will give you the best chance at meeting the right new affiliates.
A cheesy trick you can use at live events to make sure people remember you (in a good way…)

Selling Your Offer To Affiliates
The 3 things affiliates want to know before they’ll promote your offer. (Missing even one of these points will kill your recruiting efforts).
Are you in or out? How to know what perception you’re setting in the eyes of your potential affiliates.
Reciprocation is king, But what if you don’t have a list? How to make it a win-win when you can’t reciprocate.
How to sell your offer to affiliates, even when you don’t have your conversions and EPCs dialed in.
2 Surefire ways to seal the deal on getting a promotion.

Getting Into Action
Practical ways to implement the strategies we covered in Module 5: Convincing
The Offer Sheet: your secret weapon for telling the affiliates everything they want to know, while avoiding TLDR.
Email templates for specific recruiting situations.
5 foolproof tips for getting affiliates to read your emails.

Run Time: 2Hrs 10Min 16Sec
The (Unspoken) Rules Of Engagement
How the old adage, “give before you receive”, can help you get promotions without even asking (but only under one condition).
The number one thing that motivates JV partners to promote you (Hint: it’s not money).
The industry’s best conferences and which one(s) are right for you based on what you want to achieve.
How to network at conferences and other industry events – even when you don’t know anyone.
How an investment of $30 can bring you hundreds or even thousands of dollars of revenues.

Building The Brick House (Avoiding the temptation of straw and sticks)
How to get affiliates to seek YOU out! (4 reasons our way will make you more money AND make you happier)
The fastest way to lose your merchant account or have your funds frozen – and how to avoid it.
Our Pro Tip for keeping the steady revenue from your cold traffic affiliates flowing in.
Why all sales aren’t created equal, and how to steer clear of the sales you DON’T want.
Quality product or “crap-in-a-box”: How to know which one you’ve created in the eyes of your customer.

Bonus Content
Infusionsoft Affiliate Set-Up :
How to set up your affiliate system within Infusionsoft so you can start working with affiliates immediately!
How to add and tag contacts and affiliates
Generating the reports you and your affiliates will care about most
How to create and send email broadcasts to your customers, prospects and affiliates
How to calculate and make affiliate payments - accurately and on time, every time!

ClickBank Affiliate Set-Up :
Understanding the specific requirements of the platform before you get started
Finding and generating the most important reports and analytics to gauge the health of your affiliate program.
How creating and hosting your own affiliate center can help you build an incredibly appealing affiliate program
Tools, tips, templates and cheat sheets for every section of the course!
Who is this for?
People who are new to selling digital products online through direct response marketing and want to develop a profitable affiliate marketing sales channel.
Experienced marketers who want to add an affiliate sales channel to their marketing plan
New Affiliate Managers
People who understand there is no magic "get rich quick" button and are willing to put in the time and effort it takes to build a highly profitable and sustainable affiliate sales channel.
People with integrity who believe in the power of genuine connections, win-win partnerships and creating products that truly help people.
People who learn best by listening to an expert teach, rather than by reading or self-directed research.
Who Is this Not For?
Experienced vendors who have been successfully selling their products through affiliates (unless you want to grow your sales further by leveraging the insider information from 2 people who have a combined 29 years experience in affiliate marketing).
Amazon sellers
People who are out to 'get rich quick' and will refund this course once they find out there's actual work involved.
People who learn best by reading or self-directed search.
Do I need experience?
This course assumes you’ve created and started selling a product online, and you’re now ready to significantly increase your sales through the power of affiliate marketing.
What if I am selling a supplement or physical product?
Our course works best for sellers who can pay an affiliate commission of at least 20-30% of the sales price, or a CPA. If your direct costs do not allow you to pay affiliates that high of a commission, then our course may still be valuable for you if you want to learn the concepts of building a profitable and sustainable affiliate marketing sales channel, and can modify those concepts to fit your business model. Please review the module descriptions above to make an informed decision.
How are the classes delivered?
All modules are delivered via high definition video with an easy-to-follow PowerPoint slide presentation. The 8 main modules are taught by Dush and Terra, while the prerequisite courses are taught by two members of Dush and Terra’s team at The Net Momentum.
Each section comes with bonuses and templates to get you on the fast path to getting affiliate sales!
You will have lifetime access to the Affiliate Marketing Masterclass and will receive all future updates free of charge!
Am I guaranteed to get affiliates by taking your course? 
No. We can only teach you the concepts and best practices in building an affiliate marketing sales channel. Your success will depend on several factors, including but not limited to, your ability to successfully implement the concepts we teach, the niche that you’ve chosen, the attractiveness of your offer compared to your competition, and your likability (affiliates, like all people, want to work with people they enjoy).
What if I don’t like the course, or find that it’s not for me?
We’ll let you check it out for 30 days, and if you find that it’s not for you, just email and we’ll be happy to refund your purchase.
If you are issued a refund, your access to the course material will be disabled.
Do You Support a Cause?
Yes, we believe that success with affiliate marketing is all about making genuine connections and seeing the human being behind the computer screen and behind the email address.
We all want and need to feel connected, recognized, important, and valued to thrive in life.
And that’s why we’re using a portion of every sale of the Affiliate Marketing MasterClass to help an organization that brings connection and support to a group of people that needs it most - our senior citizens.  
For many of our most vulnerable seniors, Meals on Wheels provides the only human connection, kindness, compassion, and support they will receive all day. 
And that’s why we’re buying a day’s worth of hot meals for a senior in need with every sale of the Affiliate Marketing MasterClass. 
Other Questions?
Please email and it will be our pleasure to help you!

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